Balance bikes look just like regular bicycles, but without the pedals, and there’s one simple, but major, reason all youngsters should have one. Research shows that children who ride them generally progress to riding pedal bikes independently at a much younger age than those who learn using stabilisers. What’s more, the transition is smoother. No need to run along beside them, holding their seat, while they cry in fear. That’s because, unlike tricycles or bikes with stabilisers, which simply teach kids to pedal, balance bikes enable children to master the art of balancing, so they are more confident and less likely to fall off and skim their knees when they move onto the real deal. Balance bikes are more efficient than tricycles too – enabling kids to travel much greater distances.
This balance bike offers all the comfort and features for a perfect ride: thick tyres, padded saddle, adjustable seat and handlebar and grips fit for little hands.
It is light (aluminum frame) and easy to handle.

12” wheels

Fits ages 2 to 4

Price : € 109